Get Your Ya’$ Ya’s$ out

Cashing in on nostalgia are a variety of companies aligning themselves with the Rolling Stones who celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Expect a jukebox of live archival recordings, re-mastered deluxe versions of Stones classic albums, and a number of DVD titles. The group recently signed exclusive deals with Google Music (to provide promotion and online distribution of what is being described as a “vast collection” of upcoming “official” bootlegs), Bravado (to exclusively market the band’s brand and merchandise), Eagle Rock (releasing a stack of Stones DVDs) and, dating back to 2008, the Universal Music Group (who have the sole rights to release and distribute its entire catalogue). “Like many others, I have always felt these guys are going to play until they are dead,” Danny Zelisko, the former southwest chairman of Live Nation, and currently president of Danny Zelisko Presents, tells the Chicago Tribune. “What else are they going to do? They get their ya-yas out when they tour and they like to play. And besides, there is simply too much money at stake, not for them to tour.” – More on the possibility of a tour, Michael Cohl and other celebrity acts hoping to cash in on nostalgia.

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