Blue a very popular baby name with musicians, actors

Beyonce and Jay-Z are said to have chosen the middle name Ivy for their baby as it represents the Roman numberal four, their favourite number
Strange celebrity baby names have become quite common, but it seems celebrity musicians and their partners have a particular affinity the name Blue.

Beyoncé and her rapper husband, Jay-Z, are the latest in a long line of celebrities to name their children after the popular colour. The super star couple named their newest edition Blue Ivy.

Cher and Gregg Allman’s son, actress Alicia Silverstone’s son, Spice Girl Geri Halliwell’s daughter, actor John Travolta’s daughter and actress Maria Bello’s son are all named some iteration of the name Blue.

“We certainly don’t see names of colours often,” said Candace Alper a baby name expert on

“It’s a strong colour. Some believe it stands for wisdom and strength and healing. But I think sometimes musicians and artists in particular tend to dig a little deeper for meaning in names,” she said.

She said the colour has a lot of meaning for Jay-Z: three of his albums have the word in it — his latest is named the Blueprint 3. She also noted there has been some speculation about whether Ivy is a play on words for the Roman numeral four, which also has a lot of meaning for the couple.

Blue Ivy was born on the fourth; Jay-Z’s birthday is Dec. 4; Beyoncé was born Sept. 4; and the couple was married on April 4.

“It’s kind of neat to think that might be where that came from,” said Alper.

She said the one of the biggest trend in naming babies lately has been a new spelling on a classic name, particularly the silent ‘H’ as she describes it. So Kate spelled Khate with an “h” or even Rhyan.

“Different and interesting is awesome until you walk around your whole life explaining yourself to people,” said Alper about the trend. Another trend is general neutral names such as Aiden or Jordan. But she says those names are also often taken over by girls and lose popularity for boys over time.

What’s best she said, are parents infusing meaning into the names of their children.

“I love to see parents giving their kids names that have a rich legacy behind them and it doesn’t have to be a weird name,” she said. She said the choice of Blue Ivy is one such decision.

Jay-Z confirmed his daughter’s birth through a rap released on his social media website, Life+Times. “Baby I paint the sky Blue. My greatest creation was you,” he starts it off.

The song, called “Glory”, reveals that baby Blue was conceived in Paris and that the couple had had a miscarriage prior to that. “You’re a child of destiny. You’re the child of my destiny. You’re my child with a child from Destiny’s Child,” he raps at one point.

The song ends with cries from a baby.

Source: Toronto Star