9 year-old Hannah Alper guest posts on my website. “What I’m listening to!”

Hello! My name is Hannah Alper. It is a pleasure to be writing to you.I am a big music fan like my dad. I sing music on my ipod touch. I watch shows like wizards of Waverley place, suite life on deck but my favourite show is wizards of Waverley place. My favourite music artists are Justin bieber, Selena Gomez, Usher and Taio Cruz. Justin has realeased his new album Under the misletoe. My favourite song on his new album is Drummer boy. Just this week Selena quit her music career to work more on acting. My favourite song is Shake it up. Usher and Justin bieber are best friends. My favourite song is Dinamite. My favourite song by Taio Cruz is break your heart. I like the song because of Taios voice and because of the lyrics. My dad my mom and I went to Stratford where Justin was born and while we were there we met Justins neighbor Nathan from Stratford. I went to one of Jbs concerts! Even though it was SUPER AWSOME there were still so loud screaming! Before I went to the concert I went to the movie Never Say Never! It was about his childhood and how he became famouse. When I grow up I want to be a singer. I would like to take singing lessons but I’m not old enough but when I am, world here I come! I’m really excited because on Monday its my birthday! I’m turning 9 years old!
Yeah me!
Bye for now!!!!

PS – that’s me on the right