Why iPad Is the ‘Children’s Toy of the Year’

This year, the kids don’t want tablets to play with. They want toys that play with their tablets.

Have you ever seen a 4-year-old play with an iPhone? It’s actually kind of shocking. Kids take to the iPhone’s multitouch user interface like they do trucks or dolls. They instinctively know that the iPhone is a toy, and they nag, cajole and harass their parents into letting them play with it.

Every time I spend time with any of my nephews or nieces, they never fail to ask me if they can borrow my iPhone. When I cave and hand it over, they immediately know what to do, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of which iPhone apps they want to play with.

YouTube hosts a huge number of videos of very young kids playing with iPhones — even 1-year-olds.

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