Also a-Changin’: Saving World With Songs

Source to read the whole story: NY Times

IT was never supposed to be this big.

When Amnesty International enlisted Jeff Ayeroff and Julie Yannatta to oversee a benefit album celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary this year, the plan was for something on the scale of its 2007 benefit album, “Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur.” “Instant Karma,” which Mr. Ayeroff and Ms. Yannatta also produced, is a two-CD, 23-song collection of artists like U2, Green Day and R.E.M. performing John Lennon’s songs. It raised more than $4 million. So how did the organization’s latest project, “Chimes of Freedom” — which features Bob Dylan songs played by a genre-busting, cross-generational cast — become a sprawling 4-CD, 73-track (76 online) behemoth?

“This was like a rent party,” Ms. Yannatta said of making “Chimes of Freedom,” which is be released on Jan. 24. “We said: ‘Like other nonprofits in this economy Amnesty needs money. Would you help?’ Just about everyone said yes. You send out invitations, and when everybody shows up — and people start calling, saying, ‘We’d like to do a track too’ — it grows.”