Will Walk Off The Earth Be Walking Away With A Major Label Deal?

From JulietteJagger.com

By now there likely isn’t a person anywhere in the world that hasn’t heard of Burlington, Ontario band Walk Off The Earth and their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” I first saw this video floating around Facebook two weeks back when it still had less than 1000’s Youtube views, but since being mentioned on Good Morning America and The Ellen Show amongst others, the latest news is that this band will likely be signing a major label contract.

I say hey, good for them, they took a sort of unconventional approach, and did a really great job of covering an already good song. I’m more than happy to pay credit where credit is due, but the news definitely has some wondering why the sudden interest in signing a cover band?

It’s great news for independent artists out there, encouraging at the very least. I mean this band managed to amass worldwide attention in an incredibly short amount of time, and now has major labels knocking down their doors, what indie band wouldn’t want that? But that being said, any idiot can see what the label’s real motives are.

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