What Your Baby’s Name Says About You

Are you Traditional, sentimental, or Green?

By: Candace Alper

Many different things go into the mix when parents set out to choose a name for their baby. You want it to fit you, your family, your brand. Our loves, our past, our hopes, our philosophies are deeply tied not to the names that we have ourselves, but to the names that we give our children.

Names are often the first thing that people learn about us because our name is on a list of appointments, attendees or members. It is likely that some conclusions will be drawn, based on a name on a piece of paper, before you even walk into the room. Because you are the one who gave this name, it is a reflection of you and those preconceptions will often be about you. As your baby grows and is out there, independent in the world, those preconceptions will become about them.

Here’s a rundown of what your baby’s name might tell the world about you:

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