Report: Which Data Do People Really Care About Keeping Private Online?

From AllThingsD

It’s never a good idea for sites and apps to abuse or lose track of users’ personal data. But not all personal data was created equal.

Forrester Research analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo recently tried to understand which types of data people are most concerned about sharing, by conducting a large survey of North American Internet users.

The big distinctions aren’t that surprising — for instance, 71 percent of those surveyed were concerned about companies accessing their credit card numbers, while only 38 percent were concerned about companies accessing their social profile data.

But there’s less agreement about which other data users feel okay about handing out, Khatibloo found. About half of the 37,350 people surveyed said they are willing to share their Internet browsing history, mailing address and email address — while half said they are not.

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