10 things learned from Leonard Cohen being quizzed by Jarvis Cocker

On January 18th, Leonard Cohen was quizzed by Jarvis Cocker at an event in London has he previewed his new album Old Ideas, before an invited audience. Q was there and here’s what Q Magazine learnt from the great men.

1. Leonard Cohen feels like he’s barely scraping by
“You just work with what you got! I never had a strategy [for creating his sound]. I always felt I was scraping the bottom of the barrel just trying to get the song together. A beginning, a middle and an end. I never had the sense that I was standing in front of a table with a multitude of choices… I was working in the foul rag and bone shop of the heart. No sense of abundance at all, just trying to get it together. That’s the feeling I have. There are people who are working with a great sense of abundance, I’d like to be one of those but I’m not. [laughs]”

2. Giving up smoking has made Leonard Cohen’s voice deeper!
Jarvis: “We have to mention the voice, it seems to be getting even deeper. Do you think there’s a bottom it can get to, or can it go on?”
Leonard: “It’s what happens when you give up cigarettes contrary to public opinion. I thought I would destroy my whole position if I gave up smoking, my voice would rise to a soprano or at least go in that direction.”

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