Dennis of REFUSED reviews Pierce The Veil, BMTH, and Crazy Town

From Stuff You Will Hate

There are few people who can claim to be as polarizing and influential as Dennis Lyxzen, best known as the vocalist for Refused and The International Noise Conspiracy. I’m not sure he is eager to take credit for it, but he is pretty much the man who laid the blueprint for what 99% of current screamo and post-hardcore bands are doing. Of course, they are 10 years too young to know they’re ripping him off, but as far as I am concerned any fashionable, skinny white dude in tight pants who screams over a keyboard part owes Dennis some money. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to get Dennis’ take on what Kids These Days are up to– I think he did an artful job of hating without being a hater!

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