46 Billion Reasons Why Apple is ahead of Spotify

Source: Digital Music News
You can debate the merits of Spotify versus iTunes Match all day; you can even dismiss the discussion as apples-to-oranges. But in order to win this game, you need money ― a ton of it. That is, just to survive the insane licensing costs, year after year! And for all the advantages that Spotify (and its competitors) bring to the table, the financial picture on streaming still doesn’t quite make sense.

Here’s the latest financial quarter reported by Apple, who just reported their highest revenues and profits ― ever.

Fiscal first quarter
ending December 31st, 2011

Revenues: $46.33 billion, up 73 percent.
Profits: $13.06 billion, up 118 percent.
iPhones Sold: 37.04 million, up 128 percent.
iPads Sold: 15.43 million, up 111 percent.

…and here’s the financial story we’re seeing at Spotify, based on data from 2010 (the latest we have).

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