Peter Hook: I do wish I’d done the Joy Division oven gloves.

Peter Hook has a lot of witty one-liners about Disney’s controversial Joy Division-inspired shirts that were yanked from shelves yesterday, including: “Because of the amount of money I’ve spent in Disneyland I think they owe me something without a shadow of a doubt.”

Also: “I do wish I’d done the Joy Division oven gloves.”

And when told the shirts are now selling on eBay for over $200, he cracks up.

It’s a complicated situation for Hook. “The fact that Joy Division only existed for three years, from 1977 to 1980, and we can still make international headlines has to be more than a compliment,” he says. “But it’s an odd situation we find ourselves in as Joy Division and New Order, because when we originally started out, we didn’t believe in self-promotion of any kind – we never got involved with merchandise.”

Still, he adds: “We’ve always been one of the most bootlegged bands in history, particularly Joy Division. But it’s a hell of a compliment to be bootlegged by someone like Disney.”

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