The battle for engagement is on! Whoops, watch that car.

Have you noticed how everyone seems to have contracted Attention Deficit Disorder? We are so distracted that we actually text while driving. Piloting a four thousand pound vehicle isn’t important enough to command our full attention. Notice how hard is it to pry people from their devices in meetings? It has never been harder to get peoples’ attention. As a result, your enterprise has to develop a black-belt in engagement.

The new battle for engagement is driving a seminal change in business models, processes and technologies. Employees have to be enticed to work. Offices are becoming amusement parks. Companies offer everything from free food and massages, to video games, volleyball courts, pools, hammocks, and tree houses. Zynga’s new office has beds for animals, neon lights, and a Winnebago in the lobby. Red Bull’s offices in London have a slide so you can glide downstairs on your butt.

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