Record Player 2.0: A Retro Spin On Performing Electronic Music

Source: The Creator’s Project

Soundmachines from The Product on Vimeo.

Seeing a DJ who uses actual records and turntables has become something of a rarity in the age of laptop DJing but this new installation and set of instruments takes us back to disc jockeying’s roots. Soundmachine by Creators The Product is not only retro-inspired in its record player 2.0 design—sleek, simple, and intimately familiar—it also harkens back to the early days of vinyl slinging mix masters, essentially distilling the process of mixing to its bare essence in this elaborate music sequencing machine.

The end result is sort of a three-pronged turntable for electronic music, mixing and matching between the three discs, each with three different tracks of sounds, rhythms and beats. The end result is an elegant, paired down version of the processes employed by DJs of yesteryear, and, to a certain extent, still in use today but in a digital format. It’s a welcome reminder that no matter how far we’ve come with technology and the myriad of tools, gizmos and gadgets currently at our disposal, the foundational elements of how we make music remain unchanged.