First Spin: Hear Of Montreal’s Full ‘Paralytic Stalks’

From Spin

“You can perceive the world in so many different ways,” says Of Montreal frontnut Kevin Barnes from his home in Athens, Georgia. “You can focus on the positive things, the sunlight and the trees growing and all the birds and animal life, all the beautiful things; or you can focus on genocide and torture, terrorism, abuse, and neglect.” When he was starting to write Paralytic Stalks, the latest (and perhaps most direct) installment in the tireless, zig-zagging, psychedelic circus of a project he’s led since 1997, Barnes seems to have skewed toward the latter. Which isn’t to say the album, streaming below and due February 7 on Polyvinyl, is a funeral march. Largely inspired by avant-garde classical music, Paralytic Stalks is instead an exciting, at times outrageously melodic next step from a popsmith who seems most comfortable when he’s moving forward. Check out his thoughts on each of its nine tracks:

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