How Facebook’s ‘Frictionless Sharing’ Can Create Better Ads On Facebook

One of Facebook’s core missions is helping users share their lives and their favorite things, including brand products, music, movies and more. This type of sharing got a lot easier last fall when Facebook launched Open Graph, which lets users post activities from around the web to Facebook in real-time.

Frictionless sharing is getting a lot attention from users, and it’s changing how brands approach advertising on Facebook.

The concept relies on a new breed of Facebook applications that integrate directly with the content, helping users share the songs they listened to on Spotify or the article they read on the Washington Post. The combination of new apps and sharing data are increasing the accuracy of the Facebook Like, helping advertisers engage with their audiences and deliver better-performing ads.

Because the new breed of apps measure actions and mentions, they make it easier for marketers to measure when people are talking about certain brands, activities, news stories, or other content. This improved insight into the social graph gives marketers a far greater picture of users’ interests, helping them shape relevant ad experiences that can be used to drive engagement.

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