Note to LA Club Owners…..But really, all club owners

But where are people? You see people? Show me people. There are no people!

From Jazztruth blog:

One of my Facebook friends had posted a link to an article regarding music venues in Los Angeles, written by a working musician. I thought it was right on the money, and it could really apply to all music venues, at least in North America. I believe there are many reason why live music is suffering; the bad economy, the lack of interest in culture, the sprawl of Americans into the suburbs(they don’t want to drive back into an urban area at night to see music, let alone take public transportation), the prevalence of internet(people stay home and surf the net or watch TV for free; why drive and pay 10-50 bucks to hear some difficult sounding music?). However, this article by Dave Goldberg makes great points.

There was a time when you could do a gig, even a jazz gig, at a club, and it was more common than not to get a guarantee of payment. Now, most jazz gigs, really most club gigs in the U.S., are door gigs. Perhaps college student musicians or unmarried twenty somethings will have the energy to play door gigs. I must say, it’s pretty demoralizing to play a door gig at age 42. And I’ll admit I have had mixed luck with getting people to come out to my gigs. I’ve sold out shows, but I’ve also played to plenty of empty rooms. I played a gig recently which was maybe one of the best musical experiences I’ve had, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be playing this venue again due to the lack of people.

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