Unleash the Power of Technology: How Museums Can Create Engaging Experiences

By Lilia Ziamou, Huffington Post

How is technology changing the way we experience a museum? And what technologies are likely to create engaging experiences for a museum’s audience? I’ve been thinking about museum audiences and engagement for some time now and had these questions in mind while visiting various exhibitions in NYC. Checking out a museum’s website or Facebook site can definitely enhance visitors’ overall experience with the museum, but I was primarily interested in experiences that enhance people’s engagement during their visit.

In my recent trips, I was especially impressed by two exhibitions that are using interactive technologies to build audience engagement: Modernist Art from India: The Body Unbound at the Rubin Museum of Art, and Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration at the American Museum of Natural History. Although the exhibitions in these two museums are of very different nature, they both use novel ways to engage visitors with interactive technologies.

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