Sports are going social, and it’s a winning combination

As the Super Bowl draws near, we have a variety of digital ways to interact and connect with athletes, owners, and fans. Users love the options, and marketers are learning how to leverage them.

Rabid sports fans like to talk. They like to trash rivals, they like to hype fellow revelers, they like to argue with Charles Barkley and John Madden from their living rooms and scream at referees from the safety of their seats. And that’s why it’s only natural that legions of sports fans have taken so enthusiastically to social networking.

Fantasy leagues and sports-centered social apps have continued to thrive, thanks to the insatiable need of fans to bully, sympathize, and scrutinize everything about the game—whatever that game may be. “Sports in and of itself is social,” PlayUp U.S. head of product Dennis Lee tells us. “Unless we have someone to share our victories and defeats with, it’s not as fulfilling. People want to talk to fans like them, publicly and privately.”

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