The Importance of Social Proof

Remember the days of being in high school and wanting to hang with all the cool kids? Well, maybe you were one of the “cool kids”; if you were, lucky you. But if you are like most of us, you really weren’t. These days marketing is sort of like being back in high school, but it’s a popularity contest that’s skewed a bit different. Marketing, to a large degree, is about social proof. But now more than ever there are numerous ways to track the success of the company, individual, or product so it’s important to look at how influential you are in those areas.

I’ve had folks in the media tell me that they prefer to have people on their show or in their publication who have a lot of fans, friends, or followers on one or more of the major social media sites. In other words, you could have a fantastic message, a great product, or fantastic business but you still might face an uphill climb if your social media numbers are low. It’s a sad but true statement in our society, and everyone’s marketing plan should include increasing your social proof.

What’s the real breakdown of social proof? There are several areas that can pull in social proof for you. You don’t need all of them but three or four would be great.

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