Never ask this man if he wants to play a board game

Caleb Michaud and his game collection. He owns about 1,500. He's holding pieces from his favorite game, Agricola and Meeple from the game Carcassonne.

Bingo! Kaleb Michaud found his passion for European board games after playing The Settlers of Catan with a college friend who worked for a games magazine.

Balderdash! Although that game and others like it were plentiful abroad, he had trouble finding them here.

But was it a Trivial Pursuit? Definitely not. The games are challenging, easy to learn and fun. They offer a chance for friends, including families with children, to get together socially without doing the bar scene. And these games generally don’t take forever to finish.

By dogged determination, Michaud (pronounced “mish you”) scoured the Internet and game stores. Over time, he has amassed 1,500 board games — make that 1,504, since last weekend — to fill the shelves of a large entry closet and a small room in the basement of his Dundee home.

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