The top 50 modern films made for under $10m each

From Den of Geek
We salute 50 of the finest contemporary films with budgets of less than $10million. Did your favourite make the list…?

In this age of multi-million dollar blockbusters and eye-watering fees paid to some actors, you may forget we’re in an age of austerity. However, for the vast majority of the film industry, there is no huge vat of money, nor has there ever been. But this hasn’t stopped some of the finest films of recent years being made on a relative shoe-string, and in some cases, quite literally with a shoe-string.

I reckon filmmaking thrives at the sharp end, and low budgets mean more creative ideas, and as a result, more engaging films. To prove this, here is a list of what I consider to be the finest 50 contemporary films made for under $10 million. There is a breathtaking array of recognisable genre pictures in here, too, with budgets rangin from $10 million down to as little as $7000.

A few caveats before we start, though – contemporary is defined by being the last 15 years, so we’ve only chosen films made between 1997 and the present. The film must be English language, and must have had a theatrical release. So no matter how good your mate Dave’s film was, it’s not going in. Sorry Dave.

We’ve also put the generally agreed budget beneath each film, although without being directly involved with their making, there’s no way to know precisely how much money was invested.

50. Snatch (2000)
$10 million

Comfortably the film with the most top drawer talent on this list, Snatch brings together Brad Pitt, Benicio del Toro and yes, the mighty Jason Statham together in Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn’s final team up to date. It may be fashionable to bash Ritchie these days, but Snatch is a smartly written and stylishly directed gangster thriller which holds up under repeated viewings, easily proving itself to be the superior film to the earlier Lock, Stock.

Essentially a simple story about the path of a diamond through London ganglands, the pace, wit and performances serve to raise this high above its imitators. On that note, Pitt’s Irish gypsy turn here is something quite special, and surely the only time we’ll see him in a British film made on the relative cheap.

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