Spotify boss Daniel Ek: ‘The music industry is entering a golden age’

Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek has said that he believes the music industry is about to enter “a golden age”.

Ek, whose company has enjoyed a year of rapid growth and now boasts over three million paying subscribers, has said that he firmly believes that if his company and other social networking sites can help increase the amount of social interaction online users engage in, then they will definitely buy more music.

Asked by about his thoughts on how his company and the social sharing of music could help the music industry, Ek replied: “We look at the sharing of music as really, really important for our business. We’ve found that the more social our users are, the faster they grow their own music library. And the faster they grow their music library, the faster they become paying customers.”

He continued: “Personally speaking, I am more bullish on the future of the music industry than ever before, and I think we’re kind of entering a golden age in music.”

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