Girl Walk // All Day is Epic: Some Thoughts on the Future of Entertainment

There is what seems like an endless cycle of euphoria and cynicism that drives creative industries (tech included). First you see a world of endless possibilites, where art is judged on purely its artistic merits. And then, you realize that money sometimes chases after me-toos and buzzword-heavy concoctions and wonder if spy-themed-rom-coms really are the future.

And then you see Girl Walk // All Day.

Definitely a moment for euphoria.

Their premiere party was months ago and I still think about how awesome it was. And then I realized — what makes G.W.A.D. so cool is that they didn’t simply re-invent some genre or innovate on some tiny piece of the market (vampire movie with OLD PEOPLE, for example). Whether they intended it or not, director Jacob Krupnik and the rest of the crew innovated on so many parts of the process that they were able to truly create a new type of experience.

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