OK GO’s 5 greatest bits of music video viral insanity

With their new video gaining over a million views in just a few hours, we mark OK Go’s five finest viral moments.

It probably has got to the point where they write songs to fit around the video pitches, but fair play to OK GO, they’ve found their niche.

Yes “video killed the radio star”, but it also meant the Chicago band could survive (we note from Wikipedia they are now based in LA, which makes sense they probably need to be nearer the sound-stages then the recording studios).

And they’ve done it again. Having unveiled their latest video – this time Needing/Getting performed at high speed thanks to a bit of car company sponsorship and some neat rallying moves – it’s already clocked-up over a million views.

To mark this achievement and to honour the men who have brought together online viral and music videos like never before, here are our top five moments of OK GO video japery.

1. The marching band. YouTube is full of grainy clips of proud American parents posting up footage of their beloved children marching around in silly costumes against their will. It was wasn’t a question of if, but when OK GO would give us their take on the genre.

2. The breakthrough. If you haven’t seen OK GO on a treadmill, you simply have not been contributing to the 21st Century, and frankly it’s not good enough. We all expect more of you in the months to come.

3. The viral successes might have yielded bigger budgets, but rather than just do the treadmill stunt on a Lear jet or something, the band invested the cash in making a giant, life-sized version of Mouse Trap… that actually worked.

4. You know you’ve made it when Kermit lets you F with his S (and we don’t mean Frog Spawn).

5. Back to where it all began. Barely choreographed men. Dancing in a garden. And… er… that’s it. Cue viral sensation, career resurrection and a chain of events that ultimately led to this article. The internet is truly an unlikely place.

Source: Q Magazine