10 least plausible movie stunts

Do not try any of these at home

Complaining about implausibility in Hollywood can be something of a forlorn exercise. What did you expect, reality? Boring. However, some stunts are so far beyond the pale that we feel duty bound to mock their ridiculousness.

Believe us, we are quite happy to suspend disbelief. We do it daily. But when it comes to these shockers, our suspension just gone done and snapped.

1. Vertical Limit: The canyon leap
Do you think Chris O’Donnell ever wakes up in the middle of the night lamenting his career? In the early Nineties he was most definitely a contender, and then there was Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Which meant he ended up jumping across mountains in Vertical Limit rather than starring in LA Confidential (for instance). Just listen to him wheezing in the run up. There. Is. Just. No. Way.

2. Speed: The bus jump
Speed is a fun movie. It really is. That whole keeping-the-bus-above-50mph-to-prevent it-blowing-up schtick was really neat. However, and we’re not engineers or physicists or whatever academic/specialist realm this might fall under, but that jump over the bridge? Nah, we’re not buying it. Come on, it would plummet to the ground faster than you or I in the ring with Amir Khan.

3. Mission: Impossible 2: Aerial bike duel
Tom Cruise has a hard on for the Mission: Impossible series. We get that. But this in-air bike fight with nemesis Dougray Scott is OTT for even a John Woo-helmed film. Did they telepathically tell each other they were gonna jump and then scrap it out? Pointless window dressing; just slug it out, chaps.

4. The A-Team: Flying tank
So there’s this tank in a plane, right? And the plane gets shot, and it explodes, and the next thing you know the plane is attached to a parachute and it’s hurtling to the floor, but it’s ok, ‘cause Face, Murdock and B.A. are on board – although fat lot of use B.A. is – and, and, and… Stop. No.

5. GoldenEye: Freediving plane rescue
Who wouldn’t be James Bond? The girls, the glamour, the suits, the one-liners, the litany of daft stunts. In truth, an entire feature could be dedicated to silly 007 stunts, but this is our particular fave. Bond chases after an unpiloted plane that is careering towards a mountain range on the back of a motorbike. As the bike goes off the cliff, he freedives towards the plane and manages to get onboard. But will he prevent the calamitous crash? Have a guess.

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