Honouring Paul McCartney: Our fave songs about someone by the Fab 4

Iconic artist and philanthropist Paul McCartney will be joined by Tony Bennett, the Cast from The Beatles “Love” by Cirque Du Soleil, Coldplay, Duane Eddy, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys and Diana Krall as the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year during the 2012 Grammy Awards celebrating his exceptional artistic achievements as well as his philanthropic work. The Grammy Awards airs this Sunday, February 12th.

For so many parents, naming their children John or Paul may not be directly because of The Beatles, but I’ve been told by some that names such as Lennon, Harrison, Abbey, Lucy and even VeeJay (their first record label) were in honour of the group. Along with my music-loving husband Eric, here are our favourite songs by The Beatles that are names to consider if you’re a fan of music’s fab four.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Ok, it was mostly written by John. And in no way were drugs involved in writing this song.

Eleanor Rigby
McCartney said he came up with the name Eleanor from actress Eleanor Bron, who had starred with The Beatles in the film Help! Rigby came from the name of a store in Bristol, Rigby & Evens Ltd, Wine & Spirit Shippers, that he noticed while seeing his then-girlfriend Jane Asher act in The Happiest Days Of Your Life. In the 80s, it was discovered that a graveyard of St. Peters Church in Liverpool, where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met, contains the gravestone of an individual called Eleanor Rigby. Paul McCartney has admitted he may have been subconsciously influenced by the name on the gravestone.

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