What if modern blockbusters were made in 1950s? Artist imagines their posters and stars

Since their release they have become Hollywood’s biggest and most iconic blockbusters, instantly recognisable to film fans the world over.

But now a series of posters from the world’s biggest movies of modern cinema have been re-imagined – as classic movies from the 1950s and 60s.

Artists have recreated dozens of iconic recent Hollywood films as if they were released two or three decades earlier, giving each film poster the vintage look of a different cinematic era.

Vintage: Peter Stults' 1950s recreation of Trainspotting sees Anthony Hopkins in the title role, alongside Michael Caine and Julie Christie
Retro: This vintage effort for Avatar casts William Shatner in the lead role, alongside Natalie Wood and John Wayne
How it could have looked: Artist Peter Stults' version of The Hangover features Dean Martin and Ursula Andress, as well as Muhammad Ali replacing Mike Tyson's cameo
Re-imagined: 2010's Inception also gets the makeover treatment, casting Judy Garland and Burt Lancaster in a vintage version of the Christopher Nolan blockbuster
Inventive: A clever recreation of The Terminator sees Richard 'Jaws' Kiel as the T-800 and Faye Dunaway as Sarah Connor
Classic: The artist's Pulp Fiction makeover casts Charlton Heston and Laurence Olivier

DIfferent era: The recreated poster for last year's Ryan Gosling film Drive pitches James Dean as the main character
Hollywood magic: A re-imagined Superman poster places John Wayne as the Man of Steel and Clint Eastwood as General Zod

Source: Daily Mail