Latin jazz musicians protest Grammy Awards last night

By Justino Aguila (musicscribeLA), Los Angeles, Billboard Magazine

Latin jazz musicians protested with signs and loud music outside the Grammy Awards on Sunday as they continued their nearly yearlong fight to reinstate 31 categories which were eliminated by the Recording Academy in 2011.

About 70 artists and their supporters took to the streets near the Staples Center while the Grammy pre-telecast was taking place. After the demonstration the group was scheduled to perform at a showcase at Mama Juana’s nightclub in Studio City as a way to celebrate their music, show unity and send a message to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) that rallying will continue to bring back the categories.

“We’re creating public awareness more than anything else,” said Bobby Matos, a longtime Latin jazz musician. “We’re not here to stop here anybody from entering the Grammys. We’re just hoping that NARAS realizes that they made a mistake. In a perfect world they would reverse their decision today, do it on the air and announce a (special) concert for those categories.”

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