Adele’s Manager Jonathan Dickins talks Grammys, 2012 tour plans, and when to say ‘no’:

By Andrew Hampp, New York, Billboard Magazine

Adele was the obvious frontrunner for virtually all of her nominated categories at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, and sure enough, she won all six. But her manager, Jonathan Dickins, refused to let the hype feel like a guarantee.

“I would hate to be presumptuous, thinking we were going into the night a sure bet,” he told Billboard the day after this year’s ceremony. “In a weird way, I was slightly more superstitious about it, really. I was out and about and lots of people were telling me how well we were going to do, and I tried, really, to not take any notice of them. What you’re asking them to do is have everybody tell you you’re going to do well. Because if you don’t do well you’ll reach some disappointment if everybody expected you to win.”

To Dickins, and everyone on Adele’s teams at Columbia, XL and Dickins’ September management, the real victory was Adele’s full recovery from vocal-cord surgery in November, which sidelined the singer from performing publicly for over five months. Her triumphant comeback performance of “Rolling In The Deep” prompted a rousing standing ovation and instantly became one of the most memorable moments in recent Grammy history. But although Adele is also scheduled to perform at next week’s Brit Awards in London, Dickins says plans for a 2012 tour have yet to be properly discussed.

“We have to ease her back,” he says. “While she’s fully recovered, like any injury you need to build your strength back up. I’m mindful of that. I’m gonna let her enjoy this moment and not drive her mad. We’ll sit down and work out what we’re doing going forward. It’s a long-term thing. Everybody’s delighted with the recovery; we’ve been seeing Steven Zeitels, her doctor, and she’s singing better than ever. We all believe in that she’s an artist who will be around for a long time. There’s absolutely no short-term approach to her recovery.” also chatted with Dickins about Adele’s nerves and celebratory plans on Grammy night, selecting “Rumour Has It” as “21”‘s fourth and final single and why he will never say never to a potential endorsement deal (though he’s said “no” to plenty of opportunities already.)

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