Deadmau5 Pranks Skrillex by Sharing His Phone Number at Grammys

By Alex Hudson, Exclaim
At last night’s Grammy Awards (February 12), deadmau5 showed up wearing his signature giant mouse head, but the Canadian dance guru also known as Joel Zimmerman was wearing another, even more hilarious article of clothing: a T-shirt emblazoned with Skrillex’s personal phone number.

Deadmau5, who was up against Skrillex in several categories (Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Remixed Recording Non-Classical), pranked the rising dubstep star by wearing a shirt that read “(626) 319-1039 u mad bro?”

Deadmau5 tweeted a picture of the shirt and wrote, “But @skrillex , doesn’t mean you’re safe from getting the ultimate mau5 trolling experience 🙂 prepare! 😉 hahaha love u!”

Evidently the pair have a healthy rivalry going on, since Zimmerman subsequently wrote, “Nice try with the call forwarding @skrillex 😉 one step ahead of you! Ps. Congrats dude! Seriously, so rad!”

So evidently deadmau5 isn’t too bitter that Skrillex beat him in all three categories they faced off in.

If you were planning to phone Skrillex’s number, we’re sorry, because many people already beat you to it, and all you’ll get is a full voicemail inbox.

Source: Exclaim