Big Bang’s Pre-Grammy Forum: Industry Leaders Focus on the Future

From Huffington Post

Big Bang, the intimate gathering of top music, media, and brand execs, held its 6th session on February 10th, just days in advance of the Grammy Awards. The room was filled with major artist managers, leaders from top media platforms, music services, promising start-ups, music labels, VC’s and CEO’s of major brands, the premise for these exclusive sessions is always focused on the future and what’s new. As with other sessions, there was a surprisingly large amount of content that did not deal directly with the music industry. But while music is always an undercurrent, the discussion revolved around the media and entertainment industries at large.

The first presentation was a joint effort from Eddy Moretti and Spencer Bain, top executives from Vice Media. The print business is not the first thing to come to mind when one think’s of innovative approaches in the digital era, but that’s the point with Vice. They’ve aggressively embraced the idea of their media brand. They have physical and digital platforms, but the important thing is the brand.

“Young people love brands,” said Spencer Bain, summing up Vice’s focus. They see their media company as a brand, and they look for brands that think “like media companies.” Their advice for media and brands is to talk to consumers every day. One example of a brand thinking like a media company is Burberry, whose CEO said they strive to “control content, from end to end” and that they don’t use an outside agency to stay in contact with their customers… and fans.

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