February 15 is Phil Collins Day!

From CBC

Perhaps Valentine’s Day generally leaves you a bit disappointed, heartbroken even.

And maybe the only thing you feel like doing is eating some discounted pharmacy store chocolates and belting out the lyrics to Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)”.

Friend, you’re not alone, for February 15th is PHIL COLLINS DAY.

That’s right, for the past seven years, a New York-based woman named Heather Feather and her friends have roped off the day after Valentine’s Day as Phil Collins Day. And their invented day has caught on.

“Starting in the halls of high-school, friends explored the complexity of love through the celebration of singer/songwriter Phil Collins,” reads Feather’s website, which also provides some videos of past Collins Day celebrations.

Including this – the Phil Collins Day parade:

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