Steve Van Zandt on new show, life without Clarence Clemons

From Rolling Stone
Steve Van Zandt has a familiar problem: he needs to be in two places at the same time. He’s about to go on a year-long tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, but his new Norwegian mobster show Lilyhammer (available in the U.S. on Netflix) has proven to be a hit, and there’s demand for a second season. About a decade ago he faced a similar problem when The Sopranos was filming in the middle of a Springsteen tour. We chatted with Van Zandt about his busy schedule, the upcoming Springsteen tour, hiring Jake Clemons (nephew of Clarence) for the band and what songs he hopes to convince Bruce to break out on tour this year.

Did you enjoy The Grammys last night?
It was fun, actually. There was a bit of sadness hanging over the whole proceedings, but they turned it into more of a celebration of life rather than focusing on the sad parts.

They really gave you some good seats right in front. The camera panned to you over and over again.
[Laughs] That’s because Bruce and Patti give us their seats. I haven’t quite achieved that status on my own yet.

It looked like you were even in front of Lady Gaga.
[Laughs] It was fun. Paul [McCartney] was to our right, Adele to our left.

I loved the Abbey Road medley at the end.
It was wonderful. Anytime you have Paul and his band playing those songs, something extraordinary happens. It’s literally classical music for my generation. They play it note for note, which is how it should be played. You wouldn’t improvise on Beethoven’s Fifth, would you? It just adds a whole other level of depth to the whole proceedings

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