Tactics Behind Grammys’ Record Social-Media Numbers Revealed at New York Panel

By Katie Morse, New York, Billboard Magazine

It’s the second week in February in New York City, and if you work in social media or the digital space, that means one thing: Social Media Week.Growing from a New York-only “unconference” in 2009, Social Media Week now exists in major cities around the world and is expanding its content – including more music technology content this year than ever before.

The Grammys helped kick off this content with a presentation explaining the robust campaign, activities, and results from their digital and social efforts – and they didn’t disappoint.

Beverly Jackson (@BevJack), Director of Marketing/Social Media for the Recording Academy, delivered a fact-filled hour-long presentation that covered everything from the launch of their online and offline campaign “We Are Music” through to the social results of the campaign and second-screen conversation about the Grammys.

The first thing to understand about the Grammys’ social and digital presence is that it’s not something new – they’ve been working on social-media execution for four years, and like most companies started on Twitter by broadcasting messages without encouraging or participating in the conversation around their brand.

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