Punk in Africa: 3 Chords, 3 Countries, 1 Revolution… and a Facebook Page

When Keith Jones and Deon Maas first started trying to pull together the footage, sources and sound for their documentary, Punk in Africa, they found it slow going. It was only when they started leveraging a dedicated Facebook page and other social media tools did they start to make headway. And make it they did.

Thanks to social media, the film-makers were able to pull together footage and photos and accounts of the birth and young adulthood of punk in Southern Africa, along with the events, strife and social movements that fueled it (and that it fueled in turn). Some of the footage – including accounts of the tumultuous political and social conflict in the countries – had not been seen in 30 years.

www.punkinafrica.co.za from Punk in Africa on Vimeo.

The film has been screened at theatres and film festivals in South Africa, Holland and Brazil. It will hit the States in March.

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