Who the Hell Is Bob Lefsetz?

From Wired Magazine

A lot of the time, the hate mail Bob Lefsetz receives is simple and succinct, stuff like “You are a fucking shithead” or “You are an amazing douche.” But once in a while, the put-downs get more elaborate, as was the case when Kid Rock lashed out at Lefsetz in a 2007 email. “Your a failed musician with a big mouth,” wrote the rapper-singer, his typing fingers undoubtedly damaged by years of devil-horn gesticulations. “You do NOTHING but talk. See you on the streets you punk ass mother fucker!!”

Lefsetz is the author of the Lefsetz Letter, an online record-biz op-ed that mixes analysis, rants, boomer-rock reveries, and the odd bit of futurism. Like most music bloggers, Lefsetz posts frequently and verbosely; unlike most music bloggers, he has actually gained the interest of the music industry, so much so that even Lefsetz’s most casually tossed-off missives get noticed. The line that irked Rock: A simple “Fuck Kid Rock”—just the sort of low-grade blogenspiel that a star of Rock’s stature would normally shrug off.

But Rock was compelled to respond, as are many of the musicians, managers, and producers Lefsetz calls out (or, on occasion, praises effusively) in his Letter. It’s tough for them to ignore his latest proclamation, because even if they try, they’ll probably just wind up hearing about it from somebody else. “At every label,” says Scott Rodger, manager for Paul McCartney and Arcade Fire, “from the mail room to the A&R department to the chairman’s office, I guarantee they all read him.”

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