Top10 strangest beer commercials

From Marketing Magazine:

Ranging from ‘WTF’ weird to ‘offensive-on-so-many-levels’ weird, these beer commercials come to you from across the world and the internet. Note that we use the criteria ‘strange’, ‘beer’ and ‘commercial’ very loosely, and please also note that numbers 6 and 3 contain blood.

On that note, we bring you this instalment of Marketing‘s Top10 – the strangest beer commercials we could find:

10. Japanese beer for kids
This one is last because it’s not actually beer – but it is a drink coloured, packaged and promoted to resemble beer, marketed to kids. Kampai!

9. Bud Light
Not as strange in content as some of the others, the weirdness here is wondering why Bud wanted the audience to associate the smell of burning horse gas with their beverage.

8. Heileman’s Old Style Lager
Even the ad is old style… because it is, well, old. Heileman’s tastes better because it’s aged longer, just like this ad. At the time it was made we’re sure this ad wouldn’t have been quite so remarkable, but if we saw this ad for a beer today, we’d probably buy some.

7. Bluetounge Brewery whale safe beer
SERIOUS WARNING: This ad was a joint venture with a Sea Shepherd anti-whaling campaign about 5 years ago. It’s racist, and very graphic. And has nothing to do with beer until the end.

6. WTF Irish beer commercial
We use all the words in the heading very, very loosely. Except the WTF part. That couldn’t be more accurate. Marketing couldn’t get to the end of this 3 minute 15 second ‘video’ (how would you describe it?). So many things to comment on in this one, I think we’ll call out the horrible Irish/Scottish/Dutch accent for a special mention

5. Tooheys strange harvest
A local entrant, you may remember this Tooheys Extra Dry campaign from a few years back. The attempts at psychological analysis of this spot, as well as the sheer confused frustration in the comments make entertaining reading if you have the time.

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