‘Zim Bear’ is 50% Don Zimmer, 50% Teddy Bear, 100% Nightmare

From Sportsgrid

Zim Bear. It’s a bear that possesses the face of longtime MLB bench coach Don Zimmer. Does Zim Bear come in peace? As of press time, we’re not sure. All we know is that he’s a plush toy, and will be given away by the Tampa Bay Rays at a home game during the upcoming season. Will he stare at you like that while you sleep at night? Again, details are scarce about the cuddly toy that has the searing visage of the former Yankee who is perhaps best known for trying to fight Pedro Martinez. Zimmer is currently a senior advisor to the Rays. Zim Bear is currently a senior advisor to being part-bear. We’ll relay more as it comes, including if it’s seen in the wild.