Jessica Alba: Why I Started The Honest Company

By Jessica Alba, Huffington Post

Becoming a mom has been the most profound, life-changing experience and I’ll never look at the world the same. Having a child made me so much more aware of the dangers and risks all around my new baby; it seemed like overnight an instinct to protect kicked in.

For decades, parents have been taking precautions to reduce dangers around their children by using car seats, child gates, outlet covers and more. But today there are many invisible risks that most parents aren’t aware of — risks from everyday products we buy for our homes and children.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Honor, I read Christopher Gavigan’s book, Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home. This book served as my handbook on toxic chemicals in products and their link to illnesses. I learned that our current chemical regulatory system is doing an abysmal job of protecting us, the consumers. Simply put, manufacturers are allowed to use questionable, untested, toxic chemicals in everyday consumer products like baby shampoo, diapers and household cleaners.

As a lot of new parents do, I spent hours and hours researching products for my baby. Then I spent more time jumping from site to site buying products online or running around from one store to another trying to find them. I’d shell out way more money for the products in brown packaging and pictures of nature only to get home and find out the brown diapers I just bought still had ingredients in them I was trying to avoid. And the few products that were actually safer never seemed to work as well as I needed. My dishes didn’t get clean. The conditioner wouldn’t detangle my daughter’s hair and those diapers kept leaking. I was utterly frustrated, and sick and tired of compromising.

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