The Two Most Important Startups in the World


The two most important startups in the world: AngelList and Kickstarter.

They’re more important than Facebook, Twitter and Apple. Heck, they’re more important than Pinterest! ( ← zing! pow! )

These two projects have been hated, dissed and dismissed for much of their existence, but soon folks will see just how disruptively awesome they are.

In the early years, having your vision hated by most people, but absolutely loved by a few is — of course — the surest sign you’re going to change the world. Conversely, projects that are loved by everyone early are sure to have absolutely modest outcomes. Even Google had doubters. “Why do we need a new search engine?” they said. Others saw the actual, better results behind the goofy name.

At poker games here in Los Angeles, my friend Kevin Pollak (oops, you dropped a name, let me pick that up for you!) and I have bridged the celebrity and internet circles by hosting poker games with degenerates from both groups. It’s not uncommon to have at the same table a couple of folks who have products at the top of the Apple App Store and the top of the box office (or your DVR).

For the past year, I haven’t been able to shut up about Kickstarter. I keep pitching top directors and producers at games, telling them that in five years one of them will raise $10M to $20M on the service, own 100% of their film that they will give to the world for free (or low cost) and never have to deal with a studio.

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