Rumblefish CEO explains why YouTube video with chirping birds was hit with copyright claim

By The Next Web:

Yesterday, a small section of Reddit was entirely focused on one story – how a YouTube video containing only the sounds of chirping birds was hit with a copyright claim. YouTube’s automated system flagged the content as belonging to music company, Rumblefish.

The video, uploaded by eeplox, which features him picking some fresh ingredients for a wild salad, with the faint sound of birds chirping in the background, has since received over 18,000 views.

As is the case with any incorrect copyright claim, YouTube user eeplox disputed it, but a Rumblefish employee somehow managed to review the video and still determine that the chirping birds belonged to the music company. Fortunately for eeplox, the vast, and highly unforgiving, community of Reddit rallied to his rescue, the story caught the attention of Rumblefish CEO, Paul Anthony, and the claim was removed.

As eeplox explains in the video’s description, the problem has been resolved, but Rumblefish was making money off of his personal video for a short period of time.

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