band names derived from children’s literature

The Giving Tree Band

From The A.V. Club:

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a beloved children’s book about a boy and the tree that loves him. Their relationship remains steady over the boy’s lifetime, but it’s always the tree’s selfless giving that allows the boy/man to get what he wants (from a simple swing to wood to build a home with) despite it never quite being enough—until, as an elderly man, he only requires a stump on which to rest, which of course the tree gives.

The Giving Tree Band remains true to the, ahem, roots of its namesake book by being environmentally conscious—for instance, the group’s instruments are handmade from naturally fallen trees and reclaimed wood.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, by Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, chronicles a very selfish child’s journey on learning to become a kind, caring individual.

The group is a punk-rock sort-of-all-star band that creates punk covers of cheesy ’70s and early-’80s hits. That’s it, except that group members include well-known players like Fat Mike from NOFX. The upside of all this is that they make fun music, though it’s admittedly as slight and inessential as records come. They are an ideal dose of silly, disposable, thoroughly inoffensive punk-pop fun.

Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte by Carol Beach York is a sweet story about an orphan who is beloved at her orphanage, but never quite lives up to the teachers’ and caretakers’ expectations—until a substitute teacher focuses on her good qualities and helps her understand how special she is.

Good Charlotte the band is neither sweet nor special. We do not know if the band members were raised in an orphanage, but we do know they have a loyal following of mostly young punky kids who are feeling the rebellion but don’t know any better than to latch onto mallternative punk. We can only hope the group’s fans will discover The Clash soon.

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