18 things Justin Bieber can legally do now that he is 18‏

From CBC Radio 3

On March 1, 1994, Patricia Lynn Mallette gave birth to a bundle of joy that would one day rule the pop music world. She named her baby Justin Drew Bieber and today that apple-cheeked boy becomes an adult. Today March 1, 2012 the king of Twitter turns the legal age of majority, 18.

We know Beebs is busy recording his next album, Believe, and probably doesn’t have time to be looking into all the things he can legally do now that he is 18 so we graciously compiled a list for him.

18 things Justin Bieber can legally do now that he is 18.

1. Drink alcohol in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and pretty much everywhere else outside North America.

2. Join Chippendales dancers.

3. Legally change his name to Gus Biebman.

4. Legally adopt Jaden Smith as his son.

5. Get sentenced to maximum security prison (juvie is for babies.)

6. Buy nicotine gum.

7. Buy a scratch & win ticket.

8. Vote in the NDP leadership race today (if only he was a party member in good standing.)

9. Go see Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (rated R) in theatres.

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