Warner Music wants to strike chord with Generation Y on YouTube

From The Los Angeles Times:

This is definitely not your father’s MTV.

Warner Music Group on Thursday unveiled plans for an online video channel on YouTube that will feature more than the usual music videos.

Instead, the New York music company is producing a host of original shows for the online channel, called The Warner Sound. Rather than highly produced cinematic shots of musicians lip-syncing their latest songs, Warner is taking a quirky, more experimental approach to video.

One series, called “Staged,” takes lyrics from top Warner songs and presents them verbatim as the scripts for a video drama. Another show, “The Live Room,” takes the cinema verite style to recording sessions with Warner artists.

“Finding Cody Simpson” is a variation of “Roger and Me” but with a technology twist — viewers are able to decide where they want to go next in the main character’s search for Cody Simpson, an Australian pop singer signed to a Warner label. It uses a “choose-your-adventure” feature offered by YouTube that lets viewers click on several options that would queue up the next video segment of the story. (Simpson, coincidentally, started his career by posting videos of himself singing “Cry Me a River” and other ballads on YouTube, where a record producer “discovered” him.)

Warner tapped television and cable TV veteran Ocean MacAdams to helm the channel’s programming efforts. MacAdams was previously senior vice president of programming for Current TV and, before that, was senior vice president of editorial operations at MTV News.

“We are looking at the YouTube channel as an entertainment network,” MacAdams said. “We’re thinking of franchises, concepts and formats that we think would be entertaining to a swath of viewers. It also happens to be incredibly convenient that we have a roster of amazing artists to help us produce the content.”

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