Mazzy Star :: Black Session (La Maison de la Radio: Paris, France)

Source: AquariumDrunkard

October 1993 – La Maison de la Radio. Mazzy Star, two weeks into touring behind their second album, So Tonight That I Might See, record a Black Session at studio 105 in Paris. Even now, almost twenty years later, the session feels fresh. And speaking of fresh, there are few records from the 90s in my collection that have aged in such a ‘timeless’ way as the trio of albums Mazzy Star released over the course of the decade. Look for a new record (their first since 1996′s Among My Swan) out later this year.

Download: Mazzy Star :: Black Session – La Maison de la Radio: Paris, France (125 mb)

01 Mazzy Star :: Mary Of Silence
02 Mazzy Star :: Ghost Highway
03 Mazzy Star :: She Hangs Brightly
04 Mazzy Star :: Bell’s Ring
05 Mazzy Star :: Nalah
06 Mazzy Star :: Blue Light
07 Mazzy Star :: Ride It On
08 Mazzy Star :: Into Dust
09 Mazzy Star :: Give You My Lovin’
10 Mazzy Star :: Blue Flower
11 Mazzy Star :: So Tonight That I Might See
12 Mazzy Star :: Wasted
13 Mazzy Star :: Rock Section