Gregg Allman’s Autobiography Due Out May 1

The business of rock n’ roll is very unforgiving. It can take its toll on you.

From dealing with triumph while at the same time overcoming personal tragedies and demons, Gregg Allman has done what very few rockers have: Endured through it all.

From humble beginnings, Gregg Allman never would have thought in his wildest dreams that he could make a living performing live rock n’ roll.

Now, he wants to tell his story.

Gregg Allman last year speaking on his planned autobiography:

“When I got out of high school, I thought, I’ll take a year or two off and play the clubs, get this out of my system, and then go to med school. More than forty years later, I figure it’s finally time to write about this crazy journey that’s taken me around the world and back.”

Allman has teamed up with William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, to bring you “My Cross To Bear,” the official Gregg Allman autobiography due out May 1, 2012.

According to’s Book Description: “For the first time, rock music icon Gregg Allman, one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band, tells the full story of his life and career in My Cross to Bear. No subject is taboo, as one of the true giants of rock ‘n’ roll opens up about his Georgia youth, his long struggle with substance abuse, his string of bad marriages (including his brief union with superstar Cher), the tragic death of brother Duane Allman, and life on the road in one of rock’s most legendary bands.”

For more information or to pre-order the book, click here.

Source: WZLX Radio