The Charlatans’ chemical romance: check out their songs as the “Periodic Turntable”

From Q Magazine:

Get your puns in now – The Charlatans are in their element… the real chemical brothers… Marking the anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev’s first periodic table which was published in March 1869, The Charlatans have had their back catalogue immortalised in a form familiar to anyone who’s sat through Double Chemistry…

Unveiled today (1 March), the “Periodic Turntable” methodically brings charts the band’s songs together via their track numbers, duration and the album they appear on, making it slightly grander than the original as it boasts 123 songs compared to a mere 118 chemical elements.

“We looked at a periodic table and it kind of dawned on us at the same time that the number of elements was pretty close to the tracks on our albums – we wanted to see how much information we could get on there. We called in a designer friend and it started to take shape,” frontman Tim Burgess told Q of the reasons behind The Charlatans decision to get chemical, after being inspired by tube maps and AtoZs designs that were made up by songs.

“I’ve always loved designs that are governed by practicality ahead of art but the need to get info across makes them artworks in themselves – like with people who are labelled ‘savants’,” he added. “They have amazing powers when it comes to information but lack certain emotional elements. But that makes them all the more loveable. I’ve got to be honest a periodic table, to me, as a kid was just a reminder of what I didn’t know. A code that unlocked a world I wasn’t that bothered about looking into.

“In these instances it’d be great to be able to say I had a chemistry teacher that drove me on to success by saying, Burgess, you waster, you’ll never amount to having your own periodic table fashioned from the songs you will go on to record with your band – well, if only that fictional character could see me now!”

The 123 limited edition prints, signed by the band, are available from where you can see the table in more detail, plus follow Tim Burgess on twitter at @tim_burgess for more on the Periodic Turntable today, use hash tag #theperiodicturntable to join the discussion and if you retweet him you could win a print.

Meanwhile as well as been turned into an element, Burgess has also become an author, with his memoirs set for release on 26 April.