Jordan Knight On Whitney Houston’s Tragic End

In this clip, New Kid on the Block’s Jordan Knight, talks about the perils of fame. He explains that at its best, it can be difficult to navigate, and at its worst, it can destroy.

Jordan Knight: When you’re a celebrity, people want a piece of you. And that’s it. People want to take a chunk out of you. Like, going back to it – Whitney Houston – she’s walking around for a week, you know, drinking and boozing it up, and partying .. why didn’t someone grab her and shake her, and take her away?

I was addicted to alcohol. And … I had such a bad hangover that I said “I gotta stop this, this is crazy.” A lot of people were like “You’re so strong, you have so much willpower,” and I’m like “That wasn’t will power, it was pain. It was hurt.” That’s what they say; you have to hit your bottom. So the bottom is – you could have a lot of pain, you could be kicked out of the house, you could be have all your friends sit you down and say “If you don’t change, these are the consequences.”
So, if you don’t have those friends to do that (or family), you’re going to be in trouble.

George: And you think that’s what happened to Whitney?

JK: I think that’s what happened to Whitney.