The Future of Pandora: When Internet radio will be in everyone’s hands

From TheNextWeb:

When I asked Pandora’s founder and chief strategy officer Tim Westergren how much of a threat he thinks his company faces from other online music services like Spotify and Rhapsody, he did something I wasn’t prepared for.

He yawned. More than once.

While on a phone interview, he spoke broadly about the state of the company he founded in 2000 that went public last summer at $16 per share (and which was trading around $13 mid-week), and quickly dismissed the comparison as apples and oranges. But it’s nevertheless an inevitable comparison (just Google “Pandora vs. Spotify” to see how pervasive it is), and it’s moreover an important one to address because it speaks to a fundamental question about the Internet and mobile radio company:

What does the future hold for this music service that Wall Street, investors and the media are still trying to get a handle on?

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